Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My First Post

Original, huh? Just wanted to set the tone from the very beginning!

I decided that starting a blog was the easiest way to keep family and friends up-to-date on our not so interesting but pretty crazy lives. Plus, so much is going on in our household right now and I'm pretty sure it isn't going to slow down anytime soon. I also thought this would be a good way to document the small things that Ivy does, so one day she can look back on all this.

Preparing for Ivy's arrival is at the top of my list these days and takes up most of my time. I have been working to get her room ready but it is a work in progress.

I felt like I was getting it together and it was all nice and neat but then I had my Dallas shower (will post about that later) and now it looks like a VERY unorganized Babys"R"Us in there. I have everything washed and folded/hung but now have to figure out the best place for each thing. I just need to face the fact that it will take time and it isn't going to be picture perfect overnight.

Ivy's due date is July 27th, however, Wes leaves for Training Camp in San Antonio and Oxnard on the 24th. SOOOO we are planning on inducing at least a week early so Wes will be here and they can meet each other! At first, the thought of inducing rather than just letting her come when she is ready, made me very nervous but Dr. Fanous has assured me that it is safe and very common to induce. Plus, Ivy is already big for her age...keep growing honey! (...just not too much, that scares Mommy!)

The alternative would be for Wes to go to camp and just head back to Dallas once I go into labor....ummmm no thanks. I can't imagine how nervous I would be. First of all, I don't want to be in any bit of labor without him very close. Second, I would be worried sick because he would be driving (most likely very fast) from San Antonio at who knows what time. Yes, I choose to induce, thank you DOC!

Now that I am past 28 weeks, I go to the doctor every two weeks. At this visit, Ivy weighed 3.2 lbs!! I also had a 3D/4D ultrasound and got a few pictures of her.

Her cute profile...

Her hand...

And her little foot...in her face...

Wes is working a lot during the week, OTA's started this week so he is getting home a little later than he has been during off-season. I have to say this year is MUCH better than the previous years because they hired a guy, Keith O'Quinn, to help him. I really don't know what to do when he gets home at 8!!

I will update whenever I have the time and there is something exciting going on. Just check back when you have the time!